Nvidia gpu setup

Step 1: Create an Ethereum Address

Create an Ethereum wallet, preferably on MyEtherWallet as this supports any ERC20 tokens. Avoid creating an address with any site/app where anyone but YOU will have the Private Key (Don't mine to exchanges!) If you are unfamiliar with ERC20 token, you only have to know that you can store on any Ethereum wallet, the tokens you mind will be stored on the same wallet as where your Ethereum is. No need to create a new wallet. Store your Private Key somewhere safe (ideally more than one location.)

Step 2: Update your Drivers and Download a Miner

It is recommended that you update to the latest nVidia graphics drivers for your device from nVidia.

See the README file(s) included with your chosen miner.

Step 3: Configure Your Miner

For Cosmic Miner, run Cosmic.exe and click the "Options -> General Setup..." menu item. Enter your Ethereum address and http://0xbtc.extremehash.io:8080 (like this).

nVidia-based cards will be automatically detected. Customize individual GPU settings by right-clicking a device in the list and choosing "Configure GPU". Then click "Start Mining!"

For Azlehria's miner, edit the following fields in the 0xbitcoin.json file:

Address: your ether wallet, as created in step 1

Pool: http://0xbtc.extremehash.io:8080

Next you will need to copy each line of “device” for all the GPUs in your system (Like this)

For SoliditySHA3Miner, see the README. Edit your SoliditySHA3Miner.conf and .Bat file(s) for your particular setup. SSH3M comes with some batch files to help get you started. Note that settings in .Bat files will override/save over the ones in SoliditySHA3Miner.conf.

Important Notes

If you're not sure what Intensity setting to use, start low and increase it til you stop seeing performance benefit. Too high Intensity can lower performance/stability. Higher intensities are best for GPUs with more CUDA cores.

Intensity Ideas for COSMiC (the best Intensity setting might vary from card to card, miner to miner):

  • GTX 1050ti: 24 and below
  • GTX 1060-3gb: 24-26
  • GTX 970: 25-26
  • GTX 1080 or 1070ti: 27-28
  • GTX 1080ti: 28-31

0xBitcoin mining does not require video memory (all work is done in the Core's memories, which are much faster.) As a result you can lower your memory clock to save power and possibly stabilize higher Core overclocks.

Don't use OC settings provided to you by someone else (but they can be a starting point.) All GPUs are unique. For best results, find your card(s)' limits through testing. Any settings outside manufacturer spec have the potential to be unstable.

More helpful info/tips at: https://www.mineabletoken.world/mining/